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Welcome to Time Limit Draw! Our hosts "Southern Comfort" Michael Watson and "The Golden Voice" James Ryan review, rehash, and recoil at the best and the worst of WWE, WCW, and ECW ppvs and supershows from a generation back.

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Episode Number: 28
Episode Title: Time Limit Draw: WCW Fall Brawl War Games 1994
Released: Wed, 25 Oct 2017 21:45:41
Length: 00:00:00

After a longer delay than expected, Time Limit Draw returns to review WCW's Fall Brawl War Games 1994! Michael Watson and James Ryan catch up on the misadventures of TL Hopper, the passing of Bobby the Brain Heenan, and then go to war! The last true Southern War Games happens in Roanoke, Virginia, and with Hulkamania about to run wild, things will never be the same again! Also, this is the final WCW appearances for Cactus Jack, Ricky Steamboat, and the beginning of the end of some guy named Stunning Steve Austin. Wonder what happened to him? This year's War Games is show favorites Bunkhouse Buck, Arn Anderson, Terry Funk, and Col Parker vs Dusty and Dustin Rhodes and the fuckin' Nasty Boys. Ah, ah shit.


Download: FallBrawl94done.mp3


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