Offensive Foul

Paul and Brad love sports. A lot. They also enjoy drinking, cursing, and arguing (especially Brad). Offensive Foul gives the two of them the outlet to do all of these things as they talk about what matters most to them in the world of sports. To these guys, sports isn't just stats and winning percentages, it's about the athletes themselves. Their character flaws, their weird shaped heads, their inability to be productive members of society. You know, all the fun stuff. And yes, we swear, a lot. Offensive Foul is, to say the least, not for the faint of heart.

Hosts: Paul, Brad

Episode Details

Episode Number: 55
Episode Title: Offensive Foul 52: Old Dinosaur Game
Released: Wed, 29 May 2013 11:37:12
Length: 00:50:06

This week the guys break down the NBA Conference Finals and look ahead to the up and coming teams of next season. Also, Paul recaps a great week for the Oakland A's and Brad defeats terrorism via muay thai clinch.


Download: OffensiveFoul52.mp3


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