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Episode Details

Episode Number: 847
Episode Title: Time Limit Draw: ECW November To Remember 1997
Released: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 21:29:35
Length: 00:00:00

This year's Thanksgiving has come and gone in a flash, but the boys of Time Limit Draw have one more turkey for you. Michael Watson and James Ryan reluctantly bring you the 1997 edition of ECW's November to Remember. Taz devours a plate of Pitbull! RVD and Tommy Dreamer battle for company superiority in a Flag Match (WWF & ECW)! A Four Way Dance for the ECW tag titles featuring Balls/Axl, The Gangstanators (New Jack/Kronus), The Dudleys and champions the FBI! New Jack delivering the guitar shot heard all the way to Sicily on The Don Tommy Rich! Sabu and Sandman attempt a Tables and Ladder Match and fail horribly! And hometown boy comes up big when Shane Douglas and Bam Bam Bigelow battle for the ECW Title! Get Stuffed!


Download: November2Remember97done.mp3


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