Army of Dorkness

Welcome to the Army of Dorkness podcast! Hosted by 'The Golden Voice of the Flawedcast Network' James Ryan and 'The Decepticon Queen' Maria LeDestroyer! Topics range from movies, comic books, role playing games, toys, and all things that fall under the auspices of Dork, Nerd, and Geek. The show also employs a special 'Sound Drop 9000' system in which you may hear movie quotes, songs, and other Easter Eggs during the episode! We Want You to enlist into the Army of Dorkness!

Hosts: James, Phil

Episode Details

Episode Number: 34
Episode Title: Army of Dorkness 31: Live Long and Prosper, You Pickle Tickler
Released: Mon, 2 Mar 2015 01:31:08
Length: 00:00:00

Maria and James return for another adventure! In this episode Maria tells us the movies that she may choose for Date Night! Valentine's Day Childhood Crushes! Chili Pepper talk! James watched Coherence! And Army of Dorkness bids a sad farewell to the man who played Galvatron in Transformers the movie and Spock in Star Trek, Mr. Leonard Nimoy, who passed a few days after this episode was recorded.


Download: AoDPickleTickler.mp3


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