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Andrew Fraser from and Aaron Gaston are two of the smartest people in North America, nay the world, and these two great minds have decided to bring you the most informative podcast in all of the land. Space, tech, answers, SCIENCE! Give it a listen. Or don't, your loss.

Hosts: Andrew, Aaron

Total Episodes: 13

8: SPACE!!!

Released: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 19:08:11

In today's episode Aaron and Andrew are joined by Barry to talk about space and all things space related.

Download: AoA_008.mp3

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7: Electricity and Elective Surgeries

Released: Sun, 26 May 2013 11:02:40

In today's episode we talk about why authentication is important for any kind of system, especially the ones that can control planes. The magnificent Mantis shrimp. Aaron recounts his close brush with electric death that was thwarted by the skin effect and grounding. Dustin Faber gave us an update on his PC build and Atom Dan gives us more shit in 1 month then everyone else has contributed combined. Which makes us wonder why you're not taking advantage of our genius. Past that Andrew has a good security tip for Android users, Aaron talks about an Apache malware hack along with some interesting elective surgeries that will be discussed in depth in the future.

Download: AOA-007.mp3

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6: No Space Babies!

Released: Sun, 26 May 2013 10:26:48

In today's episode we start you off with a taste of the vocal talent you can expect on the Boys to Mensa album that will be out sometime in 2148. Thanks to Andy we've officially named the hate karoake bar the Abhoraoke Room that includes a side room for some savage Rancoraoke, where you can get your fill of whiskey tornados and take in some fire tornado pyrotechnics. Speaking of burning things, thanks to Adam Dan we now have our first weapon on the Death Star that requires little to no power. A behemoth version of the projector TV lens that Aaron will eventually burn an iPhone 3 with, if he has the right fresnel lens.

Download: AOA-006.mp3

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5: Solar System Dominance

Released: Sun, 26 May 2013 10:10:37

Hoverboards. Yup, we've got a design on the table now so you can easily get around on the Death Star. After talking about the two Kickstarter campaigns to build a Death Star and X-Wing fighter we also decided to pass on the planet destroying capability for a fleet of X-Wing fighters. Past that we talk apps, drop some security tips, Atom Dan gave us an update on the Facebook page about the computer he built and Aaron talks about his Raspberry Pi plans. As always, you're welcome.

Download: AOA-005.mp3

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4: A Terabyte in your pocket

Released: Sun, 26 May 2013 09:48:32

And now back to our regular podcasting schedule. In this episode we talk about the new HD format for movies and TV, the serious bandwidth limitations this presents for cable and eventually our solution to this problem. The rest of the show is us discussing Dustin's email which was the longest, politest one we've received to date.

Download: AOA-004.mp3

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